Dive, Snorkel and Undersea Walk beneath the Busselton Jetty!

Experience the marine wonderland beneath the Busselton Jetty for yourself

Join our team of friendly and helpful dive professionals 1.6 kilometres out to sea for

– a snorkel next to

– or a SCUBA dive below

– or a SeaTREK ® undersea walk through

the pylons and marine life of the 150 year-old Busselton Jetty.

Its an amazing, eerie, wonder-filled place to be that just about anyone aged 12+ can come and experience for themselves. For many people, getting up close and personal with the marine world is one of the best experiences of their lives!

Launched by the co-founder of the whaleshark tour previously voted Best Adventure Tour in WA at the Western Australian Tourism Awards, Dive Busselton Jetty invites guests from around the world to experience the Busselton Jetty up close and personal for themselves.

Fit, healthy swimmers and divers very welcome… and everyone else too! If you can walk, and breath, come and experience the Busselton Jetty.

A breathtaking experience

Dive Busselton Jetty’s aim is simple – to delight, educate, entertain each and every one of our guests, and keep them (very) safe and wanting to come back for more. We invite you to join us for a breath-taking adventure, diving, snorkelling or helmet diving on the Busselton Jetty. Dive Busselton Jetty. We make things simple, easy, fun and very safe.

What we offer

  • Experience Wonder! - experience the amazing underwater world, below the Busselton Jetty, for yourself!
  • For (nearly) Everyone 12+ - regardless of swimming ability, fitness level or if you've done a dive course
  • Very Safe - SeaTREK is the leader in helmet diving globally, and has run 2.5 million dives and only one accident claim!
  • Amazing and Fun - Operator previously Gold Medal, Best Adventure tour in WA at WA Tourism Awards
  • All Tour Gear Included - helmets, training, wetsuits, footwear & SharkShield
  • Stunning Photos of your underwater tour available to buy
  • Tour with confidence
 - We are committed to a COVID-19 Safe Tour Experience. This starts with 100% of our crew and guests being fully vaccinated.

Robbo's Undersea Walk