Seniors and Undersea Walks

Seniors and Undersea Walks

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SeaTREK undersea walks is the global leader in underwater tours with 2.5 million dives and only one accident claim!. Very safe, Very Fun!!

Seniors on Undersea Walks

Our team at Busselton Jetty Dive gets a huge kick out of taking seniors on undersea walking tours.  With a great deal of respect, we know that you may need more assistance than the younger travellers, and that is honestly fine – you have earned the right to this.  Its part of our job to provide you, and each of our senior customers, with the level of support needed to have a great day out.  So please, ask for help, let us know your concerns, we would love to assist.    When on the Jetty and in the water, remember to take your time, be careful, and keep calm.  Don’t feel rushed, just move at a good pace and you will have a great day out.