Busselton Jetty Dive Gear Hire

Busselton Jetty Dive Gear Hire

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Busselton Jetty Dive Gear Hire

Dive gear is HEAVY – Let us carry it for you!!

When you hire your dive gear from Dive Busselton Jetty, you don’t have to get your hire gear from the dive shop to the Jetty, and then from the shore to the deep end of the Jetty (it’s a 1.7km walk…)

And then back to shore, and back to the dive shop.

Our dive gear is already at the end, waiting for you!

Dive Busselton Jetty has a range of dive and snorkel gear available for hire, to enable you to explore the marine wonderland beneath the Busselton Jetty for yourself. Check out Pricing for gear hire charges