Dive Tank Fills

Dive Tank Fills

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From 1 December 2020 SCUBA divers can get their tanks filled with either compressed air or nitrox at the Busselton Jetty at 8am, five mornings a week.
(We are closed Tues and Thurs.)

  1. Book and pay for your tank fill online at www.divebusseltonjetty.com.au
  2. Drive your tank up to the garage door at the rear of Railway House, in the carpark behind the Goose Restaurant on the Busselton Jetty foreshore. (Railway House is the building the Visitors Centre is in.)
  3. Ring the mobile phone number on the website and one of our crew will head out and organise your fill for you.


  • You NEED to book your tank in for filling beforehand. We are only at the Shed doing fills for tanks that have been booked in – other than that we are usually out at the deep end of the Jetty with divers or dive courses.
  • You must be a certified diver, and show proof of your dive certification (e.g. dive certification card) to get your tank(s) filled. If you can’t do this, please select Online Search as an extra when you book your tank fill, and we will do this before you get there, and print you out a temporary copy to take with you too.)
  • Your dive tank MUST have been inspected in the last 12 months and have a date stamp on it showing this. We CANNOT fill your dive tank without the above.
  • If you have done less than 30 logged dives, and haven’t dived in the last 12 months, we strongly recommend you do a Refresher Course before going diving by yourself again. Check this out on the website.


You can choose from four different choices for filling your tank:

  1. Next day pick-up = $10 Compressed Air, $20 Nitrox. Leave your tank with us, and we will fill it ready for you to pick up the next day.
  2. Instantaneous fill of your dive tank whilst you wait = $14 Compressed Air, $24 Nitrox. (There are only a limited number of instant fills available daily, so book early.)
  3. Hot swap your empty dive tank for one of our full ones = $20 Compressed Air. (Nitrox swaps not available.) Take one of our tanks to use, then come back and pick up your full one the next day we are open. (There are only a limited number of dive tanks available for hot swapping, so please book early to avoid disappointment.)
  4. We also offer an emergency dive tank fill service for when you need a dive tank NOW! = $30 Fee + Hot swap ($20) = $50. (Compressed air only.) If you need this service, just text or ring the mobile phone number on our website, and IF one of our crew is available, they will arrange a convenient time to meet you at the back of Railway House to organise a full tank for you, and take online credit card payment. (NB. The $30 fee goes to the crew member making the time to come in to organise your dive tank for you. The business doesn’t make any money out of this whatsoever.) Please note we can’t guarantee this service will always be available, and strongly recommend you plan ahead so don’t need this service! IMPORTANT:
    • We do Nitrox fills up to 36% O2.
    • Nitrox tank fills require you to be Nitrox certified. Maximum 2 Nitrox tank per certification unless by arrangement.
  5. When hot swapping your tank for ours, we will charge your credit card $300 and will refund this as soon as our tank is returned.* Talk to our team for a price for us to pick up your dive tanks, and leave ours, take yours back and fill them, then swap the tanks back the next day. (Depends on where you live.)

So what dive compressor are we using?

Our dive compressor is a Nuvair Voyager IV, serviced to manufacturer’s recommendations and air-tested annually.

To read up more about its specs, head to:

nitrox generator