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Essential Information

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SeaTREK undersea walks is the global leader in underwater tours with 2.5 million dives and only one accident claim!. Very safe, Very Fun!!

Essential Information for your Busselton Jetty Undersea Walk

How To Join Your Undersea Walking tour

Two options, both very fun and very interesting – walk or take the train!

Walking the length of the Jetty is highly recommended in almost all situations – its stunningly beautiful, and very peaceful.  Remember to take water, a hat and sunscreen, and it will take you about 25 minutes to walk out at a reasonable pace.

For those wanting to skip the 1.8km walk out along the iconic Busselton Jetty, after you have booked your Undersea Walking tour please contact Busselton Jetty to book your ticket(s) on the Jetty Train.  Please book yourself onto the Train tour that departs from the shore one half an hour before your scheduled Undersea Walk Tour time.  (Please note that extra charges apply for using the Jetty Train.)  The Train will drop you off at the Underwater Observatory at the end of the Jetty.  If you start walking back towards the shore, our tour is located at the Disabled Divers Platform about 50m from the Underwater Observatory in the opposite direction to the very end of the Jetty.

What to bring

Bring your bathers, wallet or credit card, a towel, sunglasses and a hat, sunscreen, and sun-smart clothing to protect you from the sun. Also bring enough drinking water for each of you to walk the 1.8kms from the shore to the end of the jetty and back. We also recommend you bring a warm top as the winds can cool the temperature down even on hot days. And don’t forget your camera – the Busselton Jetty provides some stunning settings for great photos. (As for everything you bring to our tour, every care taken is by our team, though no responsibility is accepted for your private belongings.) (Our crew love it if you bring lots of smiles too!:-)

Tickets and Reservations

Bookings are absolutely essential as many tours during the season are booked out well beforehand. Please ensure you book early to get your preferred dates to avoid disappointment. Book Online or or call our reservations team to make a booking during office hours.

Paying for your tour

For your sake and ours, we prefer to take payment in full at the time of you making your booking. Simplicity means fewer moving parts, and fewer moving parts means fewer break downs!

However, partial payments are sometimes accepted for larger group bookings – just ask when you are making your booking.  In this case we require a payment of 50% on every Undersea Walk ticket at the time of your booking.  We also require your credit card details, and your authorisation to charge the outstanding balance to this credit card in full 14 days before your tour    If payment cannot be taken from your credit card at this time, our bookings team will make all reasonable efforts to contact you to organise to take your payment using the mobile phone number or email you have provided. We will hold your booking pending payment up to 72 hours before the start of your scheduled whale shark cruise. If payment is not received by this time, we will unfortunately need to resell the ticket you have not paid for as per our agreement to anyone else wanting to purchase it and may cancel your booking without further notice.

Credit Card payments are required to purchase photos and souvenirs of your tour, so be sure to bring a debit card or credit card with you when you come on tour.

Credit Card surcharge

Please note a 1.5% surcharge applies to Visa and Mastercard payments received. Due to high fees, we do not accept payment via American Express or Diners Club. (Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience but their fee structure makes it uneconomical for us to offer these cards to our customers.)

Undersea Walk Guarantees

Our Undersea Walk Guarantee leads the helmet diving industry worldwide.  We have developed this to do what we can to ensure each and every one of our customers has the best possible experience on our tours.

Withdrawing from a Tour

If at any stage during your tour, from the very start of your tour until you let go of the ladder and begin walking on the seafloor, you decide the tour is not for you, we will

1) refund you 50% of the price you paid for your tour,

2) and give you a hug for being willing to try it in the first place.

Bad Weather Guarantee

We recommend all our participants get travel insurance for their travels – it just makes sense.  If bad weather requires us to cancel your scheduled tour, you will either be rescheduled onto the next available tour free of charge, or provided a Voucher to use again at a later date, (which is both sellable and transferable to another individual.)  No refunds will be paid for cancellations due to bad weather as this is something beyond our control, and is required to ensure the safety of our guests and team.

Tour Cancellations

Tours are subject to bad weather, circumstances beyond our control, and minimum number of passengers required to depart. When you book we will ask you for your email address, a mobile phone number and the name of the accommodation where you are staying. If we need to cancel for whatever reason – which happens very rarely – we will make every effort to contact you to let you know, and to reschedule you onto another tour during your stay.

On rare occasions we have to cancel a tour due to bad weather at the very last minute. This means our office may be trying to contact you in the hour before your tour, so please have your mobile phone switched on just in case.

In advance, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience if this does prove necessary. However, safety is not something that we are prepared to cut corners with – its perhaps our single most important responsibility to our guests.

Waiver of liability

All participants are required to sign a waiver of liability to participate in an undersea walk. This will be completed at the start of your tour. We respect the passenger’s right to decline signing the waiver. However, this will result in us unfortunately not being able to take the passenger on the tour, and does not remove the passenger’s obligations stated in our Cancellations and Conditions policy.

Access for the disabled

At this stage, we are unable to offer tours to the physically or mentally disabled if they are unable to walk. Our intention in the very near future is to start offering undersea wheelchair tours – stay tuned for more information. Please contact us to discuss the nature of your disability so we can do everything we can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Do I need to know how to swim?

If you can swim unassisted for even a short distance, you can enjoy coming out on a tour.

Do I need to be fit and active?

Simple answer is no. As long as you can walk unaided, and not have any major neck or back issues, you are a prime candidate to come and experience the underwater world for yourself.

Do I need to have done a dive course?

No. Whilst many divers do the Undersea Walks and love them, there is absolutely no need to have ever done a SCUBA dive, or even snorkelled