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SeaTREK undersea walks is the global leader in underwater tours with 2.5 million dives and only one accident claim!. Very safe, Very Fun!!


If you are 12 or older, can walk unaided and have no significant medical conditions, you can experience the underwater world for yourself. Adventurous and healthy 80+ year olds have done SeaTREK tours at numerous locations around the world.

No scuba certification, no previous diving experience or even swimming experience is required to do an SeaTREK underwater walk.

All levels of fitness can do the tour – it is NOT difficult, and our team is there to help you literally every step of the way.

Guests breathe normally through their nose and/or mouth. There are no mouthpieces required. Air is continuously flowing through guests’ helmets at a rate that is 3x more air than what is typically needed to breathe normally.

Yes, you can wear your normal glasses whilst on tour. And your hair won’t get wet if worn up. And for those so inclined, your make-up is very likely to remain dry throughout your tour too!

Our tours operate in 7-8m depth.

Our very helpful and friendly staff are literally right next to you throughout your tour.  They will help you down the ladder from the surface to the seafloor step by step, and will remain right next to you throughout your tour, before ascending the ladder with you step by step at the end of your tour.

Disabilities vary, we recommend that guests contact their desired SeaTREK destination or sub sea systems, Inc. for special requests. It is also highly recommended that participants discuss the activity with their physician to seek prior approval.

Tours are $165 each, fully inclusive of all booking, gear and training, and the tour experience itself. Credit card fees in addition to this if applicable. Photos of your tour are available to purchase from our Tour Photographer.

The SeaTREK helmet weighs approximately 70 lbs (32 Kgs) above water. However, you will not put your helmet on until you have climbed down the ladder so that only your head and neck remains above the water. Underwater the helmet weighs 7kgs

We cannot guarantee that there are no sharks in the ocean. We can tell you, however, is that the chances of seeing a shark are very rare. Additionally, to absolutely minimise any risks associated with sharks, your helmet dive instructors will be wearing not one but two Shark Shields, and will remain within armslength throughout your tour.

The severity of medical conditions can vary, therefore we require that participants seek the clearance of a physician for a specific medical condition, or can affirm that they have discussed participation in a dive/snorkel program with their physician, and have been cleared.   If you have a medical question or concern relating to participating in the tour, click here to work through a copy of the SeaTREK Participant Record & Liability Release Form each participant is required to sign.

The entire SeaTREK tour takes around 2.5 hours from leaving shore until getting back to shore. This includes the walk or train ride out to the end of the Jetty to commence your tour (please book and pay for train separately), all site and safety and gear briefings, gearing up, undersea walk, debrief, gear return and photo review, before drying off and heading back to shore.. You will be underwater for around 20-35 minutes during your tour, including ascending and descending a ladder from the surface to the seafloor, and going for a walk on the seabed beneath the Busselton Jetty.

You will also usually have the opportunity to snorkel before or after your Undersea Walk too, and / or walk to the very end of the Busselton Jetty or the Underwater Observatory too.