Is this suitable for me ?

Is this suitable for me ?

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SeaTREK undersea walks is the global leader in underwater tours with 2.5 million dives and only one accident claim!. Very safe, Very Fun!!

Is This Suitable For Me?

If you’re wondering whether walking underwater beneath the Busselton Jetty is for you – let us reassure you right now, if you can walk and breath easily, you are very likely to have a simply wonder-full time.  Eight to 80+ year olds have participated in SeaTREK Undersea Walks around the world, and have a truly amazing and enjoyable day taking a “wonder wander underwater”!

So if you are prepared to give it a go, and have no medical conditions that could stop you enjoying yourself, we will be doing everything we can to help you experience wonder and “go below”.  (And hopefully have the photos to prove it!)  Even if you have one of the medical conditions below, you may still be able to do the tour – it just requires you to get a medical clearance from a medical doctor before you “go below”.  Medical conditions you will need to check with your GP before coming on a tour include:

  • I am more than three months pregnant
  • I have a history of heart attacks, heart disease, strokes or lung disease
  • I have had heart surgery, angina or blood vessel surgery
  • Asthma causes me concern when exercising or at other times
  • I currently have a cold, sinusitis or bronchitis
  • I have a history of ear or sinus surgery, or ear disease, hearing loss or problems with balance
  • I have problems equalising on airplanes
  • I have a history of blackouts or fainting
  • I have had a diving accident or decompression sickness requiring medical treatment
  • I have high blood pressure or take medication to control high blood pressure
  • I have a history of blood or bleeding disorders
  • I have diabetes that affects my ability to participate in strenuous physical activity

You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer or an experienced SCUBA diver, and you don’t have to have snorkelled before either, (although it does help!)  Our team specialises in helping less confident, nervous and less experienced guests get comfortable in the amazing marine world under the waves.

Big hint too – if you are at all nervous, please let your guide know so we can take extra special care of you, and support you as much as possible.  Our team are experienced dive professionals who are trained and skilled at making sense of people’s body language and voice tone… but some people are really good at covering up their nervousness.  There is absolutely no need to do this during your tour.  If you let your guide know, they will keep an eye on you throughout and do what they can to make your swim as easy and enjoyable as possible.