More about our gear and team training

More about our gear and team training

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SeaTREK undersea walks is the global leader in underwater tours with 2.5 million dives and only one accident claim!. Very safe, Very Fun!!

More about our gear, boat, training

SeaTREK helmets

The SeaTREK system was designed to allow practically anyone, even non-swimmers, an opportunity to experience the maine wonderland beneath our oceans for themselves.  Whilst not cheap ($20,000USD per helmet) SeaTREK’s Self-Contained Backpack System provides partcipants with an unmatched level of freedom when exploring the underwater world.  It incorporates an integrated air supply (an air cylinder) secured to a stainless steel backpack. A continuous flow of air is supplied from the cylinder to the dive helmet, without air lines to the surface being necessary.  Simple, and perfectly suited to the underwater wonderland beneath the Busselton Jetty.

Our dive gear

We maintain and upgrade our dive gear to provide our customers with the best experience possible during their tour.  From top of the range fins to the latest generation of masks and the latest Cressi dive kit, its just one way we do everything we can to make our tours as enjoyable as possible.

Team training

Over the last year, our team has flown to four different continents to complete training and gain certification to provide better, safer, more enjoyable tours.